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Project Browser

The Project Browser lets you set the ROM header, manage external files, and gives you statistics on your program.
Part Description
Properties The Properties tab sets the header, SRAM, and region options for the program. The values used in the Header section can be anything and aren't used by the hardware.

The values in the SRAM Options section, if set incorrectly, may cause the program to run improperly or not at all.

The values in the Region Settings sections will restrict the program to run on hardware specific to the regions set.
Folder Name Compile File Add File
ASM Files asminc.dat asminc.add
Binary Files bininc.dat bininc.add
Graphic Files graphicinc.dat graphicinc.add
Music Files musicinc.dat musicinc.add
SFX Files sfxinc.dat sfxinc.add
SecondBASIC Files sbs.dat sbs.add
The Compile File is an ASM file that will be inserted at the end of the compilation.

The Add File is a SecondBASIC source code file that will be inserted into the editor window at the current cursor position when double clicked in the file tree.

Statistics The Statistics tab will show you a breakdown of information about your program. The stats will only be updated after a successful compile. Pressing the refresh button will run the compiler without running any external applications (same as performing a Clean Compile).