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Command-line Arguments

As of v2.2.48b, SecondBASIC has had limited support for command-line arguments.
Part Description
/f <filename> Opens specified filename.
/c Compiles file specified with the /f argument. SecondBASIC exits after compilation.
/ignoreini Ignores the INI settings and loads the default values instead. The settings are:
  • Option Explicit is disabled
  • XGM is disabled
  • Clear \work\ is disabled
  • Copy ASM file is disabled
  • Copy ROM file is disabled*
  • Default string length is 128 bytes
  • ASMX compiler is used
  • Running External Application is disabled
  • Running Emulator is disabled
* This is ignored if the /c argument is used and will copy the ROM to the project folder.
/rebuild Rebuilds all files in the \config\ folder. This current does not rebuild themes or libraries. The files that will be rebuilt are:
  • asm.dat
  • asminc.add
  • asminc.dat
  • bininc.add
  • bininc.dat
  • command.dat
  • err.dat
  • font.dat
  • function.dat
  • graphicinc.add
  • graphicinc.dat
  • musicinc.add
  • musicinc.dat
  • sbs.add
  • sbs.dat
  • settings.dat
  • sfxinc.add
  • sfxinc.dat