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Description: Sets the way the screen scrolls. The default is HScroll_Overall, VScroll_Overall. If HScroll_Overall is used, the entire screen will scroll horizontally. If HScroll_Line is used, only the specified line is scrolled horizontally. If HScroll_Cell is used, 1 horizontal cell is scrolled. If VScroll_Overall is used, the entire screen will scroll vertically. If VScroll_2Cell is used, then 2 vertical cells are scroll. VScroll_2Cell will scroll both Plane A and B together.


SetScrollMode <HScrollMode>, <VScrollMode>

Part Description
<HScrollMode> Required. Valid values are HScroll_Overall, HScroll_Line, HScroll_Cell.
<VScrollMode> Required. Valid values are VScroll_Overall, VScroll_2Cell


    SetScrollMode HScroll_Line, VScroll_Overall