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Description: Changes compilation options. Option overrides the IDE options/configurations. Only one option may be set at a time.


Option <Setting>, <Value>

Part Description
<Setting> Required. This is the setting you wish to change. See the table below for supported settings.
<Value> Required. All values are required if the chosen setting has any values to set
Setting Values Description
Explicit N/A Requires all variables to be declared before use.
ReorgVars <MemLoc> Changes the memory location starting point for variables.
TextHeight <Height> Changes the height of the text. The default value is 26. If text is printed past the <Height>, a DMA routine will shift all characters up by 1.
TextPriority <Priority> Sets the text priority to high or low. Valid options are:
  • High
  • Low
TextStart <Row>,<Column> Sets the starting position for the Print command. The default position is (1,1).
TextWidth <Width> Sets the width of the text. Text printed past the width will continue on the following line. The default width is 38 tiles.
Title <GameName> Sets the title of both DOMESTIC and OVERSEAS to the specified name.
XgmOff N/A Disables the XGM library from being loaded.
XgmOn N/A Enables the XGM Library.
UseXgmVer2 N/A Forces v2 of the XGM Driver to be used instead of v1.


    Option TextStart,0,0
    Option TextWidth,40
    Option XgmOn