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Description: Gets input from the user in a password style manner and stores it in an , , or variable. The UP and DOWN buttons change the character, the A button moves to the next position, the B button moves back a position, and the C button changes case (when a variable is used, and the START button ends user the user input. This only works with the first person controller.


Input [<Prompt>,] <Variable> [,<Variable>]

Part Description
<Prompt> Optional. Displays text for the prompt. The text must be in quotations and not a string variable. If a string variable is used as the first argument, it will be treated as a string input. If <Prompt> is omitted, a question mark will be displayed.
<Variable> Required. <Variable> is either an integer, long, or string variable. You can input into multiple variables in succession separated by commas. If the variable is an integer or long, only numbers will be selectable.


    Input "Enter 3 numbers + name: ",a,b,c,name$
    Print a,b,c
    Print name$